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Design Noise combines in-depth customer insights & innovative marketing ideas that get people talking about you!

Web Development & Designing

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The multiple services that Design Noise offers 

Every business owner is looking for something to improve their sales. Usually, they would resort to enhancing their marketing strategies. However, this can be tough work since you have a lot of things to consider. To help you out, feel free to consult with Design Noise! Here is a list of services that Design Noise offers to its clients:

  1. Billboards

If you want to attract a lot of customers, then your best option is to place a product advertisement on a billboard in the city! Undoubtedly, people will not miss while they are driving. Although, this kind of promotion is expensive since it occupies a lot of space, and it only lasts for a short period of time. Despite that, the amount of attraction and brand awareness you can do with billboards is huge.

  1. Flyers

One of the common traditional marketing strategies you can use is to hand out flyers. These are small papers that contain information and pictures about your product and services. Using this marketing strategy is great because you can just pass it to random people. Aside from that, you can hire or partner with multiple stores. They can have your flyers distributed for a price. 

  1. Radio spots

People still listen to the radio every day. They listen to it while going to work, the mall or anywhere they like. With this in mind, you should seize the opportunity to place a radio advertisement for your business! Design Noise can help you out by creating a storyline, script and delivery. Hiring us will make your business more known because people can hear it on the radio. If it interests them, they can easily look at the name of your business on the internet.

  1. Television advertisement

People love to watch TV! In between their shows, you would often see commercial ads of various products. More often than not, people are actually interested in the things they see on screen. This is because of the product’s interesting storyline and delivery. So, if you think that this kind of marketing strategy suits your business, feel free to contact Noise Design about it! We will have a table discussion about what your commercial would look like as well as the kind of impression you want to leave to viewers.

  1. Social media marketing

Nowadays, people are always on their phones scrolling through their news feeds. While doing so, they would often encounter sponsored advertisements that pop as a normal entry. This is one of the ways of social media marketing. It is a strategy that promotes your business on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and the like. Using this strategy is good for your business because it will certainly reach your target audience and it is easy to execute!

  1. Search engine marketing

Have you ever thought about making your business pop first when you search for something related to it? This is exactly what search engine marketing is all about! It is a type of marketing that makes sure your business will always appear whenever customers use certain keywords. Not only that, but it is also a way to make your business appear at the top of search results pages.

  1. Content marketing

Design Noise also offers you its content marketing service. When you opt for this, the staff will help you plan out what kind of content is best suitable for your products or services. Aside from that, you will also be asked what your preferred content is so that it will be considered during the production process. Below is a list of the kinds of content that are used for content marketing:

  • Blog
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Live streamings

These will be produced on social media platforms that you own. Additionally, choosing this kind of marketing strategy will make it easier for people to get to know more about your business.

  1. Influencer marketing

You can hire or partner up with famous people online, also known as influencers, to promote your products! They will usually put product placements on their Instagram, TikTok and Youtube feed. On top of that, you can ask them to make honest reviews so that people can see the good and bad things about your products. If the review convinces their followers, they will immediately visit your website and check out your products! 

  1. Competitor research

One way to stay relevant and be at the top of the industry is to research your competitors. This will give you an idea of how they function as a company. Aside from that, you will see how they present themselves during promotions and in advertisements. Moreover, you can use your findings as a basis to improve your services to your customers. Additionally, conducting research will make you arrive at a solution on how to make your business stand out from the competition.

  1. Event marketing

Whenever you attend events, you would often notice that there are multiple brands that are participating. This is a marketing strategy for businesses to connect with their target audience. By doing this, they can provide product samples that will entice customers to buy their products. Aside from that, events are an opportunity for businesses to inform consumers more about the background of their products.

With Design Noise, we will provide you with the avenue where you can tap event managers. From there, you can pitch your products as well the purpose of your participation in their event projects. 

  1. Web design 

Design Noise offers web design services to make your website more appealing and easy to navigate. Your website serves as the house of your products and contains information about your business. That is why you should invest a decent amount of money, time and effort to make it represent your entire branding. Additionally, hiring Design Noise to make your website better will make it stand out from other websites you see online.

Importance of improving your marketing strategies

Every business owner’s dream is to have constant sales and earn a lot of profit from it. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for most since they could not maximize enough their marketing strategies. Here are some reasons why you should consider improving them:

  1. Marketing strategies help you reach your target audience

Your target audience is the people that will be highly interested in buying your products. However, it takes time and extensive research for you to determine your target audience. As such, you would need to use multiple marketing strategies to help you narrow down the demographics. As you promote your products, you will eventually see what kind of people are interested in engaging with your business.

  1. Promoting your business to different audiences

If you happen to reach your target audience, that is great for you! Although, it would be really helpful for your sales if you reach different audiences. Sometimes, there are people who are outside of your target audience, and they would be interested in buying your products! With the help of using various marketing strategies, you can promote your products and let them gain a lot of views. Through this, you will discover that more people are keen on making a purchase with you!

  1. Learning more from your mistakes

When improving your marketing strategies, you will see that you may have been making mistakes. From there, you will learn how it happened and what repercussions it has caused. This, in turn, will let you discover ways on how to prevent such mistakes from happening again. 

About Design Noise

Design Noise is a marketing company that strives to help small and startup businesses to have a better reach to their audience. The company believes that doing this kind of act will create healthy competition among all businesses since everyone has equal chances of racking numbers from sales and customer engagement. 

Frequently asked questions

How does Design Noise improve the marketing of a certain business?

Design Noise offers a lot of services to their clients. These services include various kinds of marketing strategies. By providing us with the nature of your business, we can easily determine which strategy works best for you.

Do you have an office?

Unfortunately, Design Noise does not have a physical office as of this moment. All business and inquiries are held online. Most of the meetings are done through video or voice calls.

What time is your office hours?

We start our day around 9 AM and end at 6 PM. If you sent us an email outside of those times, rest assured that we will get back to you on the next working day. 

How can we contact Design Noise?

You can contact Design Noise through their email or send a message to any of their social media accounts. A representative will immediately get in touch with you and tend to your needs.