Testimonials and customer reviews

Design Noise: Testimonials and customer reviews

Get to know more about Design Noise by reading its testimonials and customer reviews below:

‘Amazing and responsive’

I was starting with my business and was having a hard time managing my online presence. I do not have experience with online marketing, so I was just clicking a lot of buttons without knowing what they mean. Thankfully, I did the right thing in consulting Design Noise for their help. They taught me how to establish my branding and make it known to the public. Since then, I now have a grip and idea on what I should do to keep the ball rolling – Peter Porter

‘Super helpful!’

I am a one-woman show in managing my business, which means that I do everything to make things work. However, I still forget to do certain things and one of them is managing my online marketing. With the help of Design Noise, I finally figured out how to manage my time properly. Their service taught me how to manage my website as well as my social media accounts. I now gathered a decent amount of followers that support my small business. – Amy Wiley

‘Their weekly classes was worth it’

Design Noise offered a limited offer for digital marketing classes, and I knew that I had to take the opportunity. I am glad that I did because I learned a lot of things that I needed to improve my social media presence. Aside from that, they taught me some things that I did not know before. From there, I was able to develop a new set of skills that are helpful for my online marketing. – George Benadryl

‘My current branding is superb’

Before I consulted with Design Noise, my business branding was so common that it did not become significant in the market. My products were often disregarded because of the branding I used to have. With the help of Design Noise, they showed me what I did wrong and how I can improve from my mistakes. Aside from that, Design Noise gave my branding a complete makeover. It now embodies every value that the company holds and represents. Thank you, Design Noise! – Paul Eston

‘A complete upgrade to my website’

I have zero knowledge about website design and creation. I do not even know basic HTML and CMS coding! I knew that I had to ask for help and one of my friends suggested consulting with Design Noise. As soon as I got their contact information, I immediately emailed them for help and presented my website. They responded fast and started helping me improve my website! Additionally, I learned a lot of website coding thanks to Design Noise. – Hannah Waters

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