Five actions you can do daily to increase your website traffic

Owning and managing a website is a great business in this age of communication. However, it is likely to fail if the admin fails to maintain it due to lack of understanding of what makes it run. Traffic from visitors is the secret to what makes a website successful. Your goal is to keep them coming every day so you keep gaining revenue from advertisers. Here are five tips to keep up the good work:

Perform keyword research and use them on your pages

A little-known secret in content marketing is the importance of keywords. There are plenty of tools that can help you find the perfect words or phrases most people search for. Use these on your content to attract visitors who are looking for references on a specific topic. Just make sure that the content you are writing is relevant to the keyword that you plan to use. You may include them in the title to reassure visitors.

Allow guests or partner writers to post on your platform

One of the biggest challenges for websites like Design Noise is how to continue producing content. The secret is to understand that not all content has to be made by you personally. You may allow your website to become a common platform for multiple writers who also wish to contribute to what your website stands for. Invite passionate content writers and offer them a business proposition to use your platform for their blogs or articles. 

Reach out to influencers so they can use your platform

Content creators with a decent following would make amazing business partners in a business for the age of communication. You can allow them to use content from your website as references for their content or have them produce something on your platform. Either way, their existing followers guarantee amazing daily traffic for as long as you support the influencer. 

Make new posts with reference links to pages within your platform

Other than keywords, your content should also have links that lead to other places on your website. It should either be references used to create this content or simply mentioned in passing but is otherwise noteworthy for the readers. This is the best way to keep them engaged and to attract traffic for your other content.

Be active on social media and frequently feature pages

In a similar manner to using your article to promote other pages within your website, you may also use other platforms to showcase what you have to offer. Social media allows content creators to create pages and help broadcast it to users who are interested in the same content. Design Noise suggests using sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr as the best places for a wide variety of topics.